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Glow paint TAT 33
Glow in the dark paint TAT 33, Glow paint TAT 33
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Noxton is a trade mark, the company which develops and advances new technologies all over the world. The technological products, offered today by the organisation, have no even approximate analogues. Noxton™ has concentrated the efforts to creation of various components and materials, which possess various unique properties. In particular, glow in the dark paint ТАТ 33 (light accumulative material) has nowadays the highest index of brightness and duration of luminosity (glowing). Originality of all developed technologies consists in their huge demand in practice. Colour glass mat remains our exclusive elaboration up to now. High standards in company work stipulate creation of the product providing following qualities: long term of use, simplicity in circulation, safety of technology, high commercial or marketing value, flexibility of work with clients.

Today we suggest you some directions based on powerful technologies of the XXI century.
"Glow in the Dark" Technology - makes practically any thing to glow in darkness. Specially developed glow in the dark paint ТАТ 33 (safe phosphor inherently) allows to change visual properties of any item and in literal sense to force it glow in the dark. The charge occurs from any light source (from solar including). Special processing of the light-accumulative material by exterior light devices is not required. The glowing paint can "give" light energy back (glow) during 8 - 12 hours. Brightness of the luminescence (glow) is enormous and exceeds light-emission of phosphorus more than in 20 times! Glow in the dark paint ТАТ 33 is nonradioactive, nontoxical, nonexplosive, insoluble in water and organic solvents, not corrosion-active, chemically inert, safe for the human beings. In other words, it is unique. Ability to provide huge light energy remains throughout 200 years.

Glow in the dark paint ТАТ 33

  consists of two main parts: transparent lacquer and glow in the dark powder TAT 33, which is inorganic product and produced by us of different fractions in the form of powder. On its basis, Glow in the dark paint TAT 33 for any possible surface is created very simply. Considering excellent properties of glowing powder ТАТ 33, it is possible to say, that the Glow in the dark paint will serve tens years and will keep initial characteristics of brightness and duration of the luminescence in darkness.
With the help of Glowing paint ТАТ 33 you will be able to paint absolutely any material or surface, beginning from the glow stones in the aquarium and finishing glow in the dark architectural colons. Popular areas for application of Glow in the dark paint TAT 33 are glowing auto disks, glow in the dark flowers, design of the interior and exterior with a glow effect, advertising with a help of glow technology, the self-luminous clothes, glow in the dark ware (china) and so on.
The distinctive feature of our glow in the dark powder TAT 33 (luminescent pigment) is its water resistance that is very important for human's health. Absolute insensitivity of the glow paint TAT 33 to external factors allows to use it without any harm in body art, nail design or for eyelashes with glowing effect etc. We recommend to familiarize in more details with products and services based on this technology.

"Glass Matting" Technology - allows to put on practically any glass surface matted drawing. Nicety of this direction is that the image can be created not only in a vector, but also in a raster, in other words with transfer of semitones (that till the present moment was considered impossible). Color matting of glass has no analogues in the world. The unique technique of carbon alloying in the surface with the impoverished substance of silicon has given a chance to receive the color image on glass (monochrome is also available). The processed glass surface has attractive properties: due to a microstructure of a matted surface, colors pour by various tonalities of metallic and nacre. Especially it is expressed on mirror surfaces.

Vector glass matting can be received in a simple way using our mat paste TS 20. On cleared surface of glass or mirror we put evenly the mat paste TS 20, which needs all about 15 minutes to make a mat on the glass. Reusability of mat paste allows to decrease considerably the end production cost that makes mat cream TS 20 much more preferable way of glass processing in comparison with sandblaster.
Besides glass matting, our mat paste TS 20 is used also for granite mat, ceramic granite matting, porcelain mat, ceramic tile matting and for mat of all other surfaces comprising silicon. It makes the mat paste TS 20 universal. You also can order any format of raster and color glass matting. Your order will be done in the shortest terms, and you receive mat drawing on glass according to the given design. Learn more about products and services based on the "Glass Matting" technology.

In the nearest future products and services based on other high-end technologies will be accessible. In particular it is fundamentally new kinds of concrete, which on durability do not concede to a granite, and on beauty - to marble or other natural material. The price of products will be in reasonable borders. Look "Prospect" section for more details.

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