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Noxton Company takes part in the help program to children, who are sick with cancer.
Such people need our help every day and everytime.

In some cases operation can cost 100 000 (hundred thousand) - 200 000 (two hundred thousand) euro.
Some kinds of transplantation can be made only abroad.
Only a few people can afford to pay for operation of their child without any help.
Huge quantity of parents require additional financing. Therefore we can and should help them.
How we can give them a help?
Go to the site:
Choose the child to whom, in your opinion, the help is necessary first of all (there are very many of them). For each sick child youll find account details, where it is possible to transfer money. In the same place you can also find coordinates of parents in case youll want to communicate and to know more about a health status of the child.
Do not be indifferent. Even 1 hrivna, 1 dollar, 1 euro can help.
Lower we give some information about cancer carrier-children (data are presented by the site:
Children, unfortunately, really are down with cancer. In most cases it is a cancer of blood and lymphatic system (these are various types of leukaemia, lymphoma, lymphogranulomatosis) and in a lesser degree - tumours of central nervous system, bones, various organs (kidneys, liver, etc). The most different children can be ill. Boys and girls, babies and teenagers, in cities and villages, strong and fragile, from rich and poor families. A way with a guarantee to be saved from a children's cancer does not exist.
In our country cancer takes the second place in the structure of infant mortality (children from 1 till 14 years). The first place take accidents (traumas and poisonings), but here we are powerless, and the cancer patient can really get help from us.
At the same time relatives and doctors efforts at oncological illnesses very often are not enough. Modern treatment of leukaemia or lymphoma is very long and heavy, assumes numerous blood transfusions and purchasing of expensive medicines. For many months of treatment, as a rule, family resources are already exhausted, and the help of volunteers and philanthropists is very necessary.
How to get to know whether chances of survival for the concrete child are great? To predict precisely a disease development nobody can. There are cases when absolutely hopeless patients survived, but, unfortunately, cases when relatively problem-free children die are also known. Nevertheless, it is possible to do some estimations. For example, in case of a leukaemia much depends on leukaemias type, the general condition of an organism, presence of complications, speed of remission, etc. When speaking about a tumour of some organ, chances of the patient depend on its type, stage and localization. Of course, we should understand: the qualified conclusion about chances of this or that concrete patient only the doctor can make.
As a whole the survival rate in cases of sharp lymphoblastic leukaemia in good clinics is up to 80%, at the most types of lymphoma - up to 85-90%, at lymphogranulomatosis - over 90%, at nephroblastoma - up to 75%, at an osteogenic sarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma - about 60%, etc. At the same time there are also cancer types, at which usually the forecast is bad.
Practically all recovered children are mentally developed, and in many cases physically also. They can study, communicate with other children, go for sports, and on reaching adult age - to work, get families, to give birth to children.
Remember that the children's cancer now in many cases is successfully treated. At the majority of oncological illnesses if the child has lived after treatment for 5 years without relapses, he is considered to be healthy - the probability of a cancer return is already low. It is considered, that at the modern level of medicine it is possible to cure about 80% of the diseased people.

We ask all companies, which have a possibility to render material aid to cancer carrier-children, to make it.
Fuller information about types of cancer diseases, sick children, ways of treatment, variants of rendering assistance, etc. look at the charitable site:

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Marina Kolesnikova, Manager of the Noxton Technologies

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