Glow powder TAT 33. Glass Matting

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Glow paint TAT 33
Glow in the dark paint TAT 33, Glow paint TAT 33
"Glow in the Dark"
Material Safety Data Sheet
"Glass Matting"
Material Safety Data Sheet
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About us

Noxton - is the young, dynamically developing company, which has begun the activity in the end of 2007.
Our sphere of interests - new technologies. That's why we use the best efforts to make our products and services, created on the basis of our technologies, appropriate to major principles of our work: product safety, high usability, durability, availability, simplicity in operation, flexibility of the cooperation policy with clients.

Noxton™ offers hi-end technologies. It means, that our organisation concentrates not on technology sales, but on distribution of exclusive products and the services, developed on the base of these technologies. According to this principle it is possible to expand sphere of realisation of the end-products, which available not only for large successful companies with high money turnover, but also for simple citizens with an average level of income.

To make technologies accessible to everyone - one of our key purposes. In this direction we have achieved improbable successes. With confidence it is possible to tell, that in Ukraine and other countries there is no another such company, which can offer any of the hi-end products under so low price! Moreover, we do not know ANY successfully working firm in sphere of new technologies in the territory of our country and in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Many similar organisations cannot cover even the operational expenses.
In Europe and in the USA the demand for our products is very high, that indicates great interest of foreign companies in our research work. We believe that every company can cooperates with us. We are very attentive to our partners and care about there questions and recommendations.

Peculiarity of Noxton™ activity is that we do not direct our efforts in very labour-consuming research, but only in products, which are needed here and now in economic or a consumer sector. It provides flexibility of our policy as a whole.

We hope everyone can find a suitable service or a product, based on the technology of the XXI-st century!

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