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Glow paint TAT 33
Glow in the dark paint TAT 33, Glow paint TAT 33
"Glow in the Dark"
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Glow in the dark paint TAT 33. Glowing powder TAT 33. Luminescence

"Glow in the Dark" Technology is based on application of special glow in the dark paint TAT 33 (in a basic variant - glowing powder) which forces a subject surface, and in some cases even the body of the object, to glow in the dark (luminesce). In fact the glowing paint is a composite material with advanced structure (luminophor) on the basis of aluminum oxide and lanthanides (as activator). At once it would be desirable to notice that any radioactive process within this technology DOES NOT take place (the glow in the dark paint TAT 33 has no any relation to phosphorus).
See "Material Safety Data Sheet" for the glowing powder TAT 33.

Pure, classical color of TAT 33 luminescence is bright green. If small doses of special catalysts are used, the luminescent paint will glow by other colors:


On the basis of the given technology the improbable set of the goods and services are available. It is reasonable to divide them in several directions:

Glowing in the dark paint TAT 33 - by means of this glowing paint it is possible to paint surfaces inside and outside of the building. The glowing paint has sufficient degree of luster.
Glow in the dark paint is produced in such primary colors: light-green (base), green, blue, dark blue, yellow, red, orange, pink, dark pink, white. Manipulating quantity of an entered pigment, it is possible to receive variety of shades.
1. omposition: The Glow paint 33 for internal and external works on the basis of aluminum oxides and special additives. Does not contain phosphorus and any other radioactive elements! The carrier: water-soluble acrylic lacquer.
2. Purpose: All wooden products, mineral surfaces - bricks, sand-cement and decorative plasters, concrete, facade tile, gypsum plasterboards, polyfoam etc.
3. Properties: In the daytime the applied to the surface glow in the dark paint TAT 33 has a greenish shade. In darkness it glows in light green color. Duration of the luminescence (up to 8-12 hours) depends on how long the light is directed on the painted surface. The luminescent paint is capable to be charged from any light source: solar, electric bulbs, ultraviolet lamps, daylight lamps, flashlights, even lighters and so on.
4. Ways of drawing: The Brush, paint roller, a tampon, submersion, sputtering.
5. Application: The Surface should be dry and pure. Dirty spots must be removed mechanically; clean the surface from dirt and dust. Glow in the dark paint 33 needs to be mixed before usage to the uniform condition. Drawing in 2-3 layers is recommended. Time of drying for each layer is about 2-3 hours at the temperature +20.
6. The glowing paint expense: 1 liter for 8-10 square meters.
7. The thinner: Water (for viscosity reduction).
8. Recommendations: The greatest brightness of the glow paint TAT 33 is observed, when it is used for white surfaces. Darker surface we have, more glowing energy it absorbs. Before using our glow in the dark paint TAT 33 for some products it is recommended to apply the white coating.
9. Ecological compatibility: TAT 33 is non-radioactive, non-toxic, non-inflammable.
10. Storage: the Period of storage is 12 months in densely closed container at temperature from +5 to +30.
To learn the prices for the glow paint 33, visit the page "Price-list".
If you wish to make the ORDER contact us using one of the ways in the section "Contacts".

Glow in the dark powder 33 - is the universal filler. If you can't use glow in the dark paint TAT 33 for any reasons, it is a good idea to use a glow powder. Inherently it is a luminophor.
Add it in the transparent carrier, which is optimal for you (we recommend to use 25-30% of the glow powder for 100% of the carrier). Usually we use the transparent lacquer as the carrier. The prepared compound (1 liter) will be enough for covering about 8-10 square meters.
The Glow Powder 33 is available in two basic colors: light green, blue.
It is possible to add this glowing powder in any varnish for wood, metal, mineral surfaces, etc.; in nail polish; in acrylic powder or helium basis for nail art; in silicone compounds or hermetics; in glue; in oils and many other transparent bases. The application spectrum is unlimited.
To learn the prices for the glow in the dark powder 33 visit the page "Price-list".
If you are interested in the universal glow powder TAT 33 contact us using one of the methods in the section "Contacts".

Fluorescent powders - can be considered as a separate direction of the "Glow in the Dark" Technology. These components do not provide the huge glow period (like 8-12 hours in case of glowing powder 33). They are glowing only in the presence of ultraviolet. If to remove a source of ultra-violet waves the luminescence stops (the glow in the dark powder and glow in the dark paint 33 would continue to luminesce).
The fluorescent powder, as well as glow powder 33, represents itself as the universal filler. It can be added in different types of carriers. Range of use is identical for both powders. Principles of work differ, however. Fluorescent powders are possible to use with success in design of interiors (with use of ultraviolet illuminations or lamps), in bodi-arte, in nail design etc.
It is very important, that technology 33 and fluorescent powders can be combined. The last in small amounts are able to change a spectrum of luminescence for the glow powder 33. And so it is possible to receive a glowing effect in yellow, red, dark blue and other colors. The Combination of powders leads to a "nonlosing" variant: in the presence of the ultraviolet the fluorescent additive is actively glowing, 33 is charged in this time. When we remove ultraviolet illumination, fluorescent powder stops to shine, while glow in the dark powder 33 radiates the saved up energy.
To see the prices for fluorescents, pass to page "Price-list".
To make the ORDER of fluorescent powders contact us using the most convenient method in the section "Contacts".

Visual Auto Upgrade - using luminophor 33 it is possible to achieve very good results in visual stylization of any car.

1. Painting of automobile disks (glow in the dark disks). To make glowing disks, it is necessary to pass three stages: to cover the cleared surface of the disk with white primer-sealer, to apply the luminescent paint, which is able to glow in the dark, to cover the disk with a special glossy layer on the acrylic basis for the maximum protection. Such method guarantees durability of the service.
The whole process of the disk painting lasts 24 hours. It means, that if you bring disks in the morning, you can take them away in the morning of the next day.
What particularly you receive: in the daytime you have beautifully painted disks (professionally), which are charged at the same time from a sunlight (and even in cloudy weather). BUT as soon as you drive in the darker place, the glowing effect becomes visible (even without the real darkness): the tunnel, ride under the bridge, shade from a building etc. At night automobile disks radiate saved up energy, which is accumulated during the whole daytime. The brightness of glowing disks is enormous. Such glow in the dark disks will not concede to a small electric lamp comparing their level of illumination. Duration of the luminescence - up to 8 hours. The general principle of work is in next: if the glow paint was charged during 5 hours, it is possible to expect, that duration of afterglow also will be about 5 hours. At night for strengthening of the luminescence effect, it is possible to charge disks with any light source in addition: a lamp, a projector etc., in this case the brightness of illumination will be especially remakable.
We recommend to visit "Photo-gallery" for the given technology to make a visual acquaintance with possibilities of this direction, and also section "Client's Questions".
If you are interested in Visual Auto Upgrade please contact us through the section "Contacts".

2. Glow in the dark licence plates. Principles of drawing with a help of glowing paint TAT 33 are the same as in the previous example (item 1). Plates can be exploited in 2 hours after coloring. Guarantee - ∞ years. We provide our customers with all needed technological information. Ask questions in the section "Contacts".

3. Variety of services, which were not mentioned here, are available in "Visual Auto Upgrade" direction. First of all, it is decorative elements of cars (moldings, inscriptions on the car body and on tires, coloring of brake blocks), auto graffiti, coloring of helmets and many other things.
If you are interested in any direction, you can always get additional information and any kind of consultation you need to make glowing effect on any car. We will be glad to help you and ready to explain how to organize a small business based on usage of glow in the dark powder TAT 33. If you are the owner of auto service center we are ready to provide all needed information to extend your service base.
In order to ask a question, contact us through the section "Contacts".
It is recommended to visit "Photo gallery" to understand this technology better.

Glowing Glass and Ceramics - one of the most perspective directions. A glow in the dark paint or powder TAT 33 can be used for glass, porcelain, ceramics etc. Specific directions: glowing cups, luminous glasses, glow goblets, shining wine-glasses, vases, ashtrays etc. Importance of such "altered" subjects is high enough at the individual level (it will be always visible where the glass of water is at night), and at the commercial level (self-glowing wine-glasses, luminous ashtrays can raise image of any restaurant, a bar, a disco-club, etc.). Besides, the final price of such glow glass is pretty attractive.
If you are interested in this sphere and have a wish to use glow in the dark powder in this direction, please, let us know through a contact form here: "Contacts".

Glow in the Dark Flowers - our glow paint 33 is safe not only for humans, but also for other live organisms, including flowers. We noticed that one of the most perspective fields is coloring of cut flowers (absolutely of any type). Luminescent paint TAT 33 doesn't influence on flowers at all, and the visual effect is worthy. It is possible to say with confidence, that a flower can fade hundred times, but the effect of afterglow would work further!
This kind of service will be optimal for people, who are engaged professionally in cultivation or flowers sale.
But all other people can use a glow in the dark powder in this direction. It is very easy, besides you will be provided with necessary instructions.
To ORDER our luminescent pigment TAT 33 or to ask any question contact us in section "Contacts".

Architectural design and Building - unique properties of our glow paint TAT 33 allow to change considerably appearance of architectural elements. It can be: self-glowing external and internal facing (coverings, made with natural or artificial stones, are especially effective), glow labels on paving tiles, glow seams between bricks, painted wall or its part, glowing marble sand and many other things. If you have your own idea how to use Glow in the Dark Paint TAT 33, contact us here - "Contacts".

Design of interiors - provides the whole complex of services, which purpose to improve visual perception of interior elements during dark or twilight time of a day. In this direction it is possible to speak about glow patterns on plinths and door cases, "the Star sky" on the bedroom ceiling (for your children), glow alarm labels on the electric switches, glow in the dark tables and chairs, a luminous Christmas tree with imitation of real snow (using blue glow powder 33) etc.
We recommend to visit our "Photo gallery" for more visual information (subsection - "Design of interiors").
To get more details about ways of using glow materials in your case, please, contact us through the section "Contacts".

Informational systems and security systems - the given service will be especially interesting to the advertising companies and state bodies. As our luminescent pigment TAT 33 does not spend electricity, and as a real alternative light source it is possible to decrease the cost price of advertising services due to additional economy, and it can be a competitive advantage in the price forming. The given technology will be interesting to municipal bodies in such directions: glow indexical signs, traffic lane markings (there is a possibility to create a reflective effect), etc. If you would like to get additional information about how to use our luminescent powder in these fields or to propose your own idea of TAT 33 usage, go to the contact section: "Contacts".
Visit our "Photo gallery" to see photos with glowing effect for represented direction.

Glow in the Dark Image or Picture on Clothes - one of the most perspective directions for today. Clients of Noxton™ are able to order practically any glow image on a T-short, a jacket, leather, a cap, a belt etc. Also we provide clients with all needed information for independent creation of glow in the dark pictures on any type of a fabric. It is a lot of variants of 33 use in this area. As it was mentioned, the luminous paint is safe for the humans and contacting with a person's skin does not cause any negative consequences.
We recommend to visit "Photo gallery" to see samples with a use of this technology.

Aerography - very prestigious direction in the modern world. This form of the art needs a great professionalism and experience from people, who are engaged in drawing on any surface with a help of the aerograph (especially in case of glowing technologies). Advantage of this style is that usual drawing in the daytime turns to the impressive luminous image at night.
If you are a professional in this sphere or you just have some painting skills, we are ready to help you to extend your services and to get you on the upper stage. To get additional information about this direction or to make an ORDER use our "Contacts" page. Contact us in the most convenient way for you.

Miscellaneous - it is far not the full list of possibilities, which are offered by the technology "Luminosity in the dark". Actually, the only restriction is our imagination. If you a painter, a designer, a decorator, a stylist, you undoubtedly will find for yourself new in this technology. All your ideas and wishes are welcomed. Contact us, and we will find the compromise proposal in the nearest future - "Contacts".
The following directions are also available:
nail art with a glowing effect, nail extension with a glow effect, glow in the dark nail polishes - "Photo gallery".

We are waiting for your comments and offers.

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