Glass Matting Technology. Mat Paste TS 20

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Glass Matting Technology. Mat Paste TS 20
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Material Safety Data Sheet
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Material Safety Data Sheet
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Material Safety Data Sheet of thу Matting paste TS 20

  1. Appearance - cream mass with white colour. Rivers (leaks) are not formed on vertical surfaces (if layer's thickness 2-5 mm). To the touch - an oily substance.
  2. Smell - is practically absent.
  3. pH Level - 3,5
  4. Period of Storage - more than 6 months.
  5. Storage Conditions - recommended to be stored in tightly closed plastic pail at temperature +5 - +40 degrees on Celsius. The appearance of small amount of liquid is acceptable for the duration of storage, usual hashing restores an initial condition of the Mat Paste TS 20. If for any reasons the Mat Paste TS 20 isn't stored for a long time in tightly closed capacity, solidification is possible.
  6. Hazard Class - 4 class. It is necessary to avoid hit inside and on mucous surfaces (eyes, a nasopharynx). Mat Paste TS 20 usage in commercial gauge needs installation of exhaust ventilation in a working area.
  7. Purpose - reception of matt drawing on surfaces with high substance of silicon: sheet glass, glassware, mirrors, glazed porcelain, a ceramic tile, ceramic granite, granite etc.
  8. Additional data - if necessary it is possible to transfer Mat Paste TS 20 in a liquid condition, that sometimes more convenient for processing of some glass products, for example for solid matting. The mat cream TS 20 does not enter reaction with wax, sticky tapes, produced from acrylic and sterol-acrylic polymers. So they can be used to predict matting of unwanted areas. It is not recommended to allow long contact of the Mat Paste TS 20 with metal objects. It can lead to destruction of a metal surface.

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