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On January 16-th, 2009 in the Palace of Ship builders in Nikolaev a special body-art show took place. The main notability of this show was the fact that the paints, which glow in the ultraviolet and independently in darkness (without UV lamps), were used for making drawings on skin.
More than 50 persons from all Ukraine participated in competition in order to show their original works, to exchange experience with other creative persons and to share impressions.

Among the competitors there were both beginners (the youngest participant was 15 years old) and well known artists in this sphere.

Works amazed with their variety - from provocative to classically strict. The majority of drawings have been represented on a female body. Probably, it is one of ways to tilt the judges on your side.

Body art, besides drawings on the body, was expanded with the glowing tattoos, glowing hair, nails and fluorescent clothes. The competition has shown, that the greatest attention was paid to the complex works, which included several trends of UV body art. Drawings, which have been created with the use of a luminescent pigment (each participant at the festival received the necessary quantity of glowing powder ТАТ 33 free of charge), also had a great success.

The total duration of show was about 10 hours. The Poltava’s citizen Vitaly Ternjak became the winner of the competition.
All participants of event have received incentive prizes from the Noxton Technologies and discounts for all list of the glow in dark goods.

The following stage of demonstration of fluorescent technologies is planned on the middle of the summer in 2009.
We’ll be glad to see new participants at the competition, who will be able to gladden everybody with new ideas and their workings out.
We wish creative successes to everybody who has arrived to us and has shown high level of skill in creation of glowing drawings on the human body.

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Marina Kolesnikova, Manager of the Noxton Technologies

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